High cleaning efficiency, thus quick to clean. Type NDL

The easy-to-clean design helps automated production lines of food or cosmetics where the equipment need cleaning on a daily basis.

  • Constant rate filling on conveyors
  • Filling syringes with resin paste
An easy-to-clean design
Cleaning performance is enhanced, excluding screws where liquid have contact.
Offers reduction in maintenance time
Quick assembly and disassembly contribute to a boost in operational efficiency.
A safe and secure model that conforms to standards
Made of safe materials

[ Application ]

  • Consistent filling of lipsticks to palettes
  • Can fill shampoo into containers without creating froth

[ Major Usable Liquid ]

  • Shampoos
  • Lipsticks
  • Resin pastes
  • Cosmetic creams
  • Coolants
  • Metal pastes, etc

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