Filling small lots of multiple items incorporating a built-in hopper. Type NVDL

Ideal for filling a wide variety of small lots. Built-in hopper leaves very little residual fluid, and no shaft seal makes cleaning very easy.

  • Supports multiple fillings
Nearly no residual fluid
This model leaves almost no liquids in the hopper, which prevents materials from being wasted.
No shaft seal offers easy cleaning
No shaft seal, such as a mechanical seal, contributes to a reduction in disassembly and cleaning time.
Capable of multiple fillings
A multiple filling system can be implemented by integrating several the Heishin Dispensers into one unit.

[ Application ]

  • Capable of filling cosmetic lotions into various type of container
  • Can be combined with conveyors to fill moisturizer into bottles

[ Major Usable Liquid ]

  • Cosmetic moisturizers
  • Cosmetics lotions
  • Cosmetic creams
  • Coolants, etc

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