High-performance Heishin Dispensers debut!

Heishin PC Pump is a rotary positive-displacement pump that has the structure of single shaft eccentric screw, and provide pulsation-free, metered flow.

The heart of Heishin PC Pump consists of the rotor (male screw) and the stator (female screw). They continuously form helically sequenced cavities in-between as the rotor turns.

When the rotor turns within the stator, a series of sealed cavities is created and suction powerful enough to convey high-viscosity fluids is generated. Each time the rotor rotates, the sealed cavities move, causing the conveyed material inside to advance. Regardless of the rotor position, the cross-section area of the cavities is always constant, thus allowing metered discharge. In other words, discharge volume is proportional to the rotational speed of the rotor. Also, reversing suction/discharge direction is possible only by changing the direction of rotation.

Cavity, sealed chamber movement

Cross-section area of the cavities is always constant.

At any cross-section perpendicular to the shaft, the cross-section area of the cavities created with the rotor and the stator is always constant. This enables pulsation-free metered conveying.

Unique structure demonstrates easy control of rotational speed and high-precision metered discharge