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This web site (hereafter referred as this site) is managed by HEISHIN Ltd. (hereafter referred as HEISHIN). When using this web site, please be aware of the following.

1. Contents and Information on Our Web Site

Our web site aims to introduce our company, products and domestic services. While we take every precaution to confirm the reliability of information we provide, there are cases where the information may have become outdated over time or may have misprints.

We take preventive measures against computer viruses, however, it does not guarantee that the information provided on our web site or the information accessible through our web site is not infected by computer viruses.

The contents and information, as well as the composition of the web site and its URL may be changed and/or revised without any prior notices.

The use of our web site will conform to Japanese laws and regulations and will be interpreted accordingly.

2. Product Information and Technical Information

The information that appears on our web site may accidentally contain false information due to misprints. Such information may be updated through modification and/or revision without any prior notice. HEISHIN may, without any prior notice, revise the information of products, services and technical information.

3. Personal Information

We may ask your company, your name, e-mail address, telephone number and address when you are to make an inquiry or request various materials, such as catalogs. Such information will not be used for anything other than the original purpose. However, please note that, due to the nature of some services, such as sending catalogs using commissioned handlers, as well as recruiting agents, we may provide such information to third parties. For the management of personal information, please refer to the Privacy Policy (opens in new window) for your reference.

4. Copyright

The contents that appear on our web site including texts, photos, images, data, animations, videos, etc as well as its arrangement, editing and structure belong to HEISHIN. Unauthorized use (whole or partial replication, presentation, transfer, translation, licensing or recycling of our web site), reproduction, alteration, falsification and commercial repurposing are strictly prohibited.

5. Trademarks

Any trademarks and logos used on the HEISHIN web site belong to HEISHIN. HEISHIN does not offer permission to use any of these trademarks. All trademarks that appear on the HEISHIN web site may not be copied or reproduced without permission.

6. Links

HEISHIN does not manage any linked web sites to the HEISHIN web site. As they are managed by third parties other than HEISHIN, we will not be responsible for the contents of other web sites or any damage that may occur by viewing such web sites.

7. Disclaimers and Legal Affairs

Please note that disclaimers and legal affairs that appear on this web page may be altered or revised without any prior notification.

8. Browsers

This web site is best viewed in Internet Explorers or Mozilla Firefox. When using other browsers, versions, settings or computer environments other than the above, it may not appear as intended.

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